Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tattoos from the Outskirts of Visalia

I met ODIE online through Twitter. He seemed like an interesting dude form just his Tweets. He's even more in person. I walked into Outskirts Tattoo for our meeting and music was blasting like it was a party. Greeting me were tattooed and pierced individuals. In a tattoo shop, you ask? I know. I told them I was there to meet with ODIE and they pointed me to the far corner were he was working on Dianna Chamberlain's back tattoo in memoriam to her grandparents. Her mother was there and had just finished her matching tattoo.

It was cool to sit in and watch and talk to them and ODIE. I listened to them talk about how they met ODIE and the reason for their tattoo. Every element of the tattoo had a specific meaning for them. It's true what they say that ever tattoo has some kind of story behind it.

ODIE is one of the most interesting people I've met in a long time. His life as a tattoo artist has allowed him to meet celebrities and has taken him across America. He has so meany stories to share. It was my pleasure to have met him.