Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jason Avila of Visalia takes part in The Scripture to Music Collective

The Scripture to Music Collective is a crowd-sourced, ever-growing collection of songs that tell God's Story. Jason has submitted a song called Accent 130. Give it a listen.
If you like the song you can also find the whole album Sleeves here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Action Figure by Letter Seventeen

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Cave Singers coming back to Visalia

Thursday, December 8
The Hip Hop & Love Tour (feat. MURS, Tabi Bonney, Ski Beats & The Senesis, McKenie Eddy, Sean O'Connell & Da$h)
$10, 21+, 9:00pm
The Cellar Door
101 W. Main St., Visalia

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Between Friends of Visalia

I have heard a whisper about Just Between Friends awhile back. It looked liked a giant yard sale to me. But I'm a dude and I don't really care about 2nd hand kid clothes. My wife is involved in it this year and she actually took me to it. And it is a giant yard sale.
But wait there's more - they don't accept any crap. It all has to be stain free clothes and good shape. The toys, baby furniture and equipment must all be in working order. There are some nice stuff there.
Most of it caters to woman and stuff they need to run a household filled with children of all ages. There are also movies, music, small and large furniture, bikes, hand held GPS unit, games and tons of strollers.
I wondered why they called it Just Between Friends and I got my answer. If you take part and donate your time to running the event you get in at exclusive hours and get first shot at all the great stuff.
It is open to the public now September 11 -17. They have a website and a Facebook page. Check it out.

Visalia's Habit Burger is Crazy Busy

So I went for my walk. Lucky for me Habit Burger is near by. I went around lunch time on a Saturday and apparently that's a formula for being crazy busy. The drive-in was wrapped around the building and out into to street. People filled all the seats and lined up out the door. I love burgers and fries but not that much. I took some shots and kept walking.

Visalia's Mearle's Drive In is Transformed into Habit Burger

Mearle’s College Drive-In's 70-year-old history has a new chapter. Even though the structure is most widely known for as Mearle's. It has not been it's one and only name. It was once known as Tad's and later it became D's. Though Visalia has known the restaurant as Mearle's the longest, Visalia needs to say good bye. Hopefully Visalia will embrace more change and release the past.

The plan is to drop by and try a burger and fries. I've heard good things about their community presence but nothing about their food. There must be something about them. They do have 40 restaurants in California and Arizona. But by that logic there are a bazillion McDonalds and I can't stomach their hamburgers anymore. Still love Micky Ds fries. There is just something about them. So that is all until I try their food. I hope they are not crazy busy and stuff. That would just suck.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Free Energy Comes to Visalia

Free Energy is a band touring with Weezer. If you are old enough to remember, Weezer made a stop in Visalia a long time ago. Not to put their name to shame, Free Energy is having a free show on Main Street in front of Surplus City on September 29, 8pm.

"Free Energy" from Free Energy on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Micro Wrestling Federation Comes to Visalia

Six of the world's most professional micro superstar wrestlers in a 12 x 12 steel caged ring can be found at the Celler Door September 17. Check out the Facebook event for more information.

DJ Ren Rock at Visalia's Celler Door

djrenrock(dot)com: 9.03.11 Nightlife