Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Frosted Muffin

I took my oldest daughter, Abigail, to The Frosted Muffin at 108 S. Church, Visalia. We walked into a small waiting space made smaller with tables set beside the window for those who want to stay and eat. The counter and display cases are painted black. I saw that and thought edgy, dark goth mini cakes of death. But the ladies that buy boxes and boxes of these cupcakes are far from that lifestyle and from the people I saw behind the counter, so are they. This is soccer mom, church every Sunday unless you are at the coast or up in the cabin country. I am sure they will repaint or soften the harsh contrast. I am sure newborns love the black and white room. Maybe that’s their angle. Come for the cupcakes, stay for your baby to be mesmerized.

For your first trip, you will have to take what is available. The menu changes everyday with three special flavors and some that are made daily: Cinnamon Red Velvet, Vanilla Butter, Black and White (like the store front), Triple Chocolate and Psychedelic. I came on a day when they premiered a cupcake not available previously, called the Banana Dipped Chocolate. The most memorable thing about it for me and Abby is that we could taste frosting and banana. It had a banana chunk inside the center. That was cool. The cupcake was sweet, too sweet for me. I actually like my cupcakes without frosting. Weird, I know.

Over all, I don’t get the color scheme. I think it contradicts the fanciness of the cupcakes. They are very pretty. Despite the beauty and fanciness it was still just a cupcake and a cupcake ain’t worth $2.50 or $3. Will Visalia be able to support a cupcake shop for long? I would be very interested to see if it can.