Saturday, September 10, 2011

Visalia's Mearle's Drive In is Transformed into Habit Burger

Mearle’s College Drive-In's 70-year-old history has a new chapter. Even though the structure is most widely known for as Mearle's. It has not been it's one and only name. It was once known as Tad's and later it became D's. Though Visalia has known the restaurant as Mearle's the longest, Visalia needs to say good bye. Hopefully Visalia will embrace more change and release the past.

The plan is to drop by and try a burger and fries. I've heard good things about their community presence but nothing about their food. There must be something about them. They do have 40 restaurants in California and Arizona. But by that logic there are a bazillion McDonalds and I can't stomach their hamburgers anymore. Still love Micky Ds fries. There is just something about them. So that is all until I try their food. I hope they are not crazy busy and stuff. That would just suck.