Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Between Friends of Visalia

I have heard a whisper about Just Between Friends awhile back. It looked liked a giant yard sale to me. But I'm a dude and I don't really care about 2nd hand kid clothes. My wife is involved in it this year and she actually took me to it. And it is a giant yard sale.
But wait there's more - they don't accept any crap. It all has to be stain free clothes and good shape. The toys, baby furniture and equipment must all be in working order. There are some nice stuff there.
Most of it caters to woman and stuff they need to run a household filled with children of all ages. There are also movies, music, small and large furniture, bikes, hand held GPS unit, games and tons of strollers.
I wondered why they called it Just Between Friends and I got my answer. If you take part and donate your time to running the event you get in at exclusive hours and get first shot at all the great stuff.
It is open to the public now September 11 -17. They have a website and a Facebook page. Check it out.